Health-Promoting Properties of Common Herbs

Herbs have been used as food and for medicinal purposes for centuries. Research interest has focused on various herbs that possess hypolipidemic, antiplatelet, antitumor, or immune-stimulating properties that may be useful adjuncts in helping reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Over the hundreds of years, in some cases thousands as in Chinese Medicine, […]

Bears That Eat ‘Junk Food’ May Hibernate Less and Age Faster

Wildlife raiding human foods might risk faster cellular aging. The sciences of longevity and nutrition collide in a study by wildlife ecologist Rebecca Kirby and her colleagues, concluding in the February, 2019 issue of Scientific Reports, junk food consumed by bears left behind by humans in national parks shortens the bear’s life, and how she […]

There’s No Limit to Longevity, Says Study That Revives Human Lifespan Debate

Death rates in later life flatten out and suggest there may be no fixed limit on human longevity, countering some previous work. A recent study in Italy has found mortality rates level off at around the age of 105 years. Although, they certainly spike prior to becoming a Centenarian, research shows remarkably that the human […]

Human Brains Make New Nerve Cells — and Lots of Them — Well Into Old Age

Healthy people in their 70s have just as many young nerve cells, or neurons, in a memory-related part of the brain as do teenagers and young adults, researchers report in the April 5, Cell Stem Cell. The discovery suggests that the hippocampus keeps generating new neurons throughout a person’s life. The finding contradicts a study […]

How Two Friends Immersed Themselves in Medical Research to Transform Their Lives

The Four Corner Stones for Healthy Aging is a new project by two Australian Authors, Annabel Streets and Susan Saunders who have expanded their popular Age-Well Project blog into a book. They’ve identified their four cornerstones of healthy aging as diet, exercise, staying engaged and creating the right environment for good sleep. The book focuses […]

Southern California Biotech Company Herbalmax Inc. Launches New Interface Experience for the Consumer

The biotech and nutraceutical company, Herbalmax Inc., today proudly announced the launch of its redesigned, education-focused and consumer-friendly website, Continuing on from a successful company re-brand, the new look website integrates a fresh, clean, uncluttered design, while preserving the company’s core commitment to the consumer, innovation and education. “We are pleased with the excellent feedback […]