Covid-19 Active Response

As the world grapples with the global spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19), Herbalmax has levied immediate and appropriate safety measures, focusing foremost on the health and safety of our employees, their families, our customers, our immediate communities and any impact on our national and international delivery areas.  From March 20, 2020, we have followed the Shelter […]

8 Critical Things That Compromise or Boost Your Immune System

Keeping well during a pandemic crisis is at the least, confusing. In an unprecedented moment, with new and constantly evolving updates as we learn more from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and local governments, the focus on the impact is becoming personal. Many of us are beginning to check-in on our own immune systems, […]

Extraordinary’ Breakthroughs in Anti-Aging Research ‘Will Happen Faster Than People Think

“Science fiction has become science.” A UK-based anti-aging CEO of Juvenescence biotech has reportedly raised $165 million in just the past 18 months to fund his company’s longevity projects with the lofty goal of extending human lifespans up to 150 years, and believes the world is about to be “shocked” by what’s not just in […]

Longevity Study Seeks Participants, But Only Dogs Need Apply

Researchers are undertaking what they say is the largest open study on aging ever on one beloved subject — dogs. The citizen-science study, called the Dog Aging Project, is funded by a $15 million grant from the National Council on Aging. Scientists’ goal is to discover new aspects of human aging by studying dogs, which […]

Moderation of Neural Excitation Promotes Longevity

An unexpected link between the nervous system and ageing has emerged. They show that overall neuronal excitation is a major determinant of lifespan, and that it is higher in short-lived individuals and lower in the long-lived. The authors also characterize some of the molecular players in this effect, and tie it to a well-known regulator […]

Daily Exposure to Blue Light May Accelerate Aging, Even If It Doesn’t Reach Your Eyes

Prolonged exposure to blue light, such as that which emanates from your phone, computer and household fixtures, could be affecting your longevity, even if it’s not shining in your eyes. New research suggests that the blue wavelengths produced by light-emitting diodes damage cells in the brain as well as retinas, according to a new study […]